Many projects start with a survey and pre-analysis of the current state of contract management in the organization. The survey’s focus group is usually your management team, and selected employees who interact with contracts in their daily work.

Start Your Contract Management Development Project with a Survey

Outcomes of the survey bring valuable information for further development in the project. Customers may present the results of the survey to management teams and other focus groups in their organization. A survey is also an excellent for communicating future development project opportunities and guiding the project’s last phases. Surveys serve as a perfect way to launch the project by giving the focus group an excellent opportunity to discuss their current ways of working, development ideas, and how they have contributed to effective contract management.

Contractia will draft and provide a questionnaire, modified to fit the scope and focus of your survey needs.

Start your contract management development project with a survey.

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Contractia has participated in over 70 contract management projects over the years.

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