Do you need help when evaluating and procuring contract management system?

Would you like to have a professional audit of your current systems for contract management? Would you like to ensure that the system you are planning to implement will meet your needs before signing?

Contractia is an experienced contract management system procurement consultant and advisor. Contractia is an independent consultant, and it doesn’t sell or represent any systems. Contractia supports customers during the procurement phase to find the most suitable system for their current and future contract management needs and requirements.

Contractia evaluates and follows contract management system suppliers to assess their features and developments. Customers will receive recommendations from suppliers whom they should consider as candidates during their contract management system evaluation.

Procurement services.

Requirements Specification and Support During the Request for Information (RFI) and Request for Proposal (RFP) Phases

Contractia provides services for drafting the requests for information and proposals, including drafting and documenting the required specification section of the RFI/RFP. With Contractia’s advise, customers can easily include all of the system purchase requirements and the license purchase model to RFPs. RFP documents are drafted with years of professional experience, and the due process of the offer phase is honored throughout the procurement process. The comparison and evaluation of received offers – is fast and straightforward.

Contractia analyzes the received offers and summarizes them for simplified customer evaluation.

Demo Instructions and Support During the Functionality Assessment

Evaluating the quality and functionalities of various contract management systems is an essential part of the procurement phase. The evaluation project group should also include future admin users and end-users from different parts of the organization.

Contractia can provide best practices to customers during the evaluation phase. Demo instructions for supplier presentations include 10-15 of the most common use cases from different contract management system users’ points of view.

With evaluation charts, evaluation project participants can give grades and take notes of the various estimated functionalities during the demo presentations. After the demo presentations, Contractia can summarize the given quality points and centralize all the comments to support and simplify the decision making and procurement.

What are the benefits of using a professional procurement consultant?

Contractia has participated in several projects with many different contract management systems and technology platforms. We have experience with over 10 different system and technical platforms, ensuring a swift, smooth, successful, and realiable end-result. Customers and end-users have benefited from Contractia’s procurement services and found demo events extremely insightful when comparing system functionalities.

The systematic evaluation will support the selection of the most suitable system platform.

Avoid selecting the wrong system or designing and building a sound system in the wrong way. An experienced consultant can help you during the evaluation and procurement phases.

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