Do you have time to instruct the technical phase and test the system environment functionalities with your busy work schedule?

Can you check that all of the needed access profiles and automatic email reminders function correctly before roll-out?

Do you want to make sure that the project closes before starting the training and usage?

Services during the technical phase.

Services During the Technical Phase of the Project

Contractia supervises the work during the technical phase in cooperation with the project management and ICT personnel. With us taking this role, you can focus on your everyday work, and the system will be ready – tested and functioning – as planned.

The technical implementation phase starts after the selection of the supplier and the system platform. Contractia takes part in the technical phase and supports the customer and the system supplier with the work, so the design and the functionalities are built into the system as planned. Contractia will arrange reviews during the technical phase for customer’s project group members and future users. During this agile project phase, customers may continuously provide their needs and feedback for the final system to ensure that the best functionality.

During the technical phase, Contractia acts as architect and procurement consultant and will turn into a supervisor role. In this role, Contractia will instruct, supervise, and test to ensure that the planned system meets your needs.

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Contractia has been involved in over 70 contract management customer cases over the years. Please contract and ask more about reference customer cases and results that benefitted the customers.