How to get started?

What kind of approaches and focus areas are there in contract management?

How to develop contract management?

Book a free meeting to discuss your organization’s needs!

Näin pääset alkuun sopimustenhallinnan projektissa.

Discuss Your Organization’s Opportunities for Contract Management (2 h)

When your organization is developing contract management, and you need to renew contract processes and search for a suitable system that meets these requirements, it is good to receive up-to-date information on how similar organizations have addressed their contract management needs.

Our contract management advisor Marita Willman is happy to discuss the various aspects of contract management development.

Discussion of your organization’s possibilities with contract management.

General Presentation of Contract Management Development (1 h)

Contractia can help you identify the core benefits of improved contract management and how a contract managements system with effective processes can help companies and public organizations.

This general presentation can be arranged for the preferred focus group. The presentation will highlight the benefits of the modern electronic contract management, including the basics and best practices when implement contract management.

The presentation is provided as a private meeting at the customer premises or with through remote meeting tools, such as Teams or another meeting tool of your preference.

Sopimustenhallinnan yleisesitys ja keskustelutilaisuus voidaan järjestää organisaation kokoamalla kohderyhmälle.

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let’s start the development project in your organization!

Let’s start the development project in your organization!

Contract management – how to get started.